My artwork is a celebration of my family's totem, The Saltwater Crocodile.

Like the crocodile, we are saltwater people with an ancient lineage.

Everything is connected, the land, the water and us.

JB Joshua Bonson.jpg

Award winning Darwin artist Joshua Bonson has exploded onto the national art stage with works in Collections of the National Gallery of Australia, Kerry Stokes Collection, Wheelock Properties Collection, the Toga Contemporary Art Collection and Art Bank Collection to name a few, and has found success in many private collections both nationally and internationally.

With no formal training, Joshua Bonson discovered his talent for art in his senior school years when he began experimenting with acrylics, creating textured black-and-white paintings. Since then Joshua Bonson has developed this 3-dimensional art form into his signature style. He applies his paint thickly and utilises a variety of dramatic colour palettes to create works that are contemporary in appearance yet embody age-old Indigenous traditions and meanings.


Joshua Bonson is a painter who shares stories of his Indigenous heritage through his work. "I try to get a lot off-the-page detail in my work", he says. "The idea is to recreate the scales of a saltwater crocodile, which my grandfather told me is my totem. The armored skin of the reptile is shown by the built-up serrations of the paint and other materials applied by hand or directly from the tube. But it also works on different levels. It can be read as a close-up of a reptile’s skin and as a landscape both seen from a distance and as close-up details of rock’s and sand."